Functional Holistic Nutrition

My name is Amy F. White. I am a board certified holistic nutritionist and functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner. I help people like you, eliminate everyday nuisance health issues and reduce the risk of disease by optimizing body function. I do this by helping you adjusting your diet to only include the foods that will reduce inflammation, balance hormones, increase energy, reduce cravings, and balance body weight.

As a functional nutrition practitioner, my goal is finding the root cause of physiological dysfunction and then alleviating symptoms by healing the cause of those symptoms. You and I do this together as a team through nutritional education, individualized wellness protocols and positive lifestyle strategies. 

What’s that me for you?

It means, if you’re ready to take control of your health and weight I’m ready to help. Want to lose the belly fat? I can help you understand why it’s there and how to make it go away. It’s not calories, it’s hormones. Understanding how your body works puts you in control.

Has your doctor told you that you are pre-diabetic or actually diagnosed you with type 2 diabetes? Let’s turn that around NOW. A diagnosis of pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes does NOT mean you have to live out the rest of your days with this condition. I can help you understand how to take control and stop that freight train and in many cases reverse back to pre-diabetic health.

Where are you on the spectrum of health? Do you know what health “red flags” are?

My job is to help you understand what “red flags” you should be looking for when it comes to your health. The road to degenerative disease and a poor quality of life is paved with common dysfunction. Dysfunctions that are now so common they are thought of as ‘normal’. They’re NOT normal and you don’t need to suffer. It’s time to take control and move from “unwell” to “well”. You deserve to feel great.

Your Health Plan Should Be Individualized For You

You are you, your protocol or plan will be specific to you and will depend on your personal goals and where you are on the spectrum of health. What’s healthy and supportive at the “well” end is often toxic and damaging at the “unwell” end. Eating “right” can be damaging if it’s not “right” for you.

As progress is made from “unwell” to “well” the broad changes or adjustments that helped you progress toward “well” may need to be tweaked and managed as you approach your health goals.

Everyone is unique and while there are some basic diet and lifestyle adjustments that may quickly propel you toward feeling your best it’s often discovering and healing the little, more insidious imbalances that are the final step to actually healing dysfunction and allowing you to be at your best.

What are nuisance health issues, ‘Red Flags’?

Annoyances that you believe are normal and therefore tolerate. They aren’t normal. They are messages, your body trying to tell you that everything is NOT great.

Do you suffer from heartburn? Are you trying to figure out how to lose belly fat? Do you run out of energy halfway through the day? Do you have trouble getting restful sleep? Are you addicted to sugar? Do you find that you must eat every couple of hours to avoid becoming “hangry”? Are you moody? Do you have high blood pressure? Do you suffer with headaches or migraines? Are you constipated? Each one of these ‘nuisance’ issues are ‘red flags’ and each one indicates that you are on the wrong health path. If you suffer with any of the above issues or other similar issues you are moving toward the ‘unwell’ end of the health spectrum. These issues are common, not normal and you don’t need to suffer from any of them. 

Don’t put up with being “unwell”. You can have healthy blood pressure without medication, you can rid yourself of heartburn and get off the antacids, you can live a life without excess gas and bloating. You can have the energy to play with your kids or go on adventures. And yes, you CAN lose the belly fat. You can do all of these things and more by eating and eating well. Here’s a quote from a very happy client:

The longer your body is out of balance the harder and slower it is to heal. With time and real commitment you can feel great and enjoy an excellent quality of life as you age.

If you’d like to learn more about specific client programs that I offer please take a look at my programs page. If you would like to contact me for any reason you’ll find my contact information here. I look forward to working with you!


Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition

Like many others in the nutrition world, I started down this path due to family health issues (that story here). After meeting with a holistic nutritionist I began teaching myself all about gluten, food sensitivities and digestive dysfunction. There was a lot to learn. I decided the only way I was going to get close to learning everything I wanted/needed to know was to actually study holistic nutrition. Hello MS in Holistic Nutrition! The experience turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done. Over the years I have spent hundreds of hours participating in additional programs that have widened my knowledge base, re-enforced my MSHN learning and helped me to better understand how to identify the root cause of each client’s unique dysfunction and ultimately establish individualized wellness programs.

Life Long Learning

Since receiving my masters degree in holistic nutrition I have become board certified with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals as well as, completed training with the Functional Nutrition Alliance and certified as a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner.

As a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, I incorporate frameworks developed by the Institute of Functional Medicine to gather my client’s unique story and build their personal health matrix. These tools help me partner with my clients and connect the dots of their health so we can discover ‘what’s going on in there’. Finding and healing the root cause of dysfunction is the true path to wellness.

If you would like to learn more about the nutritional strategies that I use with my clients please enter your name and email below to receive my 7-Days to a Healthier You series. You’ll receive a weeks worth of nutritional information to get you started on your journey to whole body health from the inside out!

Thank you all for visiting and interacting with this blog. You have all helped make my years of learning so much richer. I continue to be obsessed with all things related to nutrition, health and wellness. This is my passion and I love to share it with you.

Remember, eating well will make you feel good and when you feel good you have FUN!