Holistic Nutrition Consultation | The Simplicity of WellnessInitial Consultation: Phone

30 minute, 1-on-1 nutrition-health consultation to discuss your health and wellness goals and determine if I can assist you toward those goals. $ complimentary

You can request a day and time to talk through my appointment calendar or you can contact me directly either by phone or email: 781.588.0226 or amy@thesimplicityofwellness.com

 How to sleep better | Healthy Food6-Week Get Started Package: Face-to-Face, Phone or Skype

$450 Let’s get you started. This package includes an initial 1.5 hour consultation, as well as, three face-to-face, phone or tele-conference sessions.

This Package is for you if you are toying with the idea of taking control of what you eat and how you feel. Perhaps you have some weight to lose and you’ve noticed that your tried and true health and weight-loss strategies just aren’t working any more. Maybe you just don’t feel great. Do you have digestive issues, heartburn or acid reflux, an autoimmune condition, high blood pressure or even pre-diabetes? Now is the time, don’t wait any longer, you deserve to feel great and enjoy your life. It’s not as hard as you think. Little changes can have a huge impact and once you start to feel well everything is easier.

I’ll help you set achievable goals, we’ll talk about food so you’ll know what and how to eat to feel your best while you heal health issues and lose weight. I’ll give you recipe suggestions and cool information about the best foods for you. You’ll have access to me the whole 6-weeks! Between our live conversations we’ll stay connected through email and text. You won’t be alone, I will be with you the whole time!

Get healthy, lose the extra weight and enjoy the process!

Please contact me to set up a day and time to talk.
Talk/Text: 781.588.0226 or amy@thesimplicityofwellness.com


How to lose belly fat | The Simplicity of Wellness12-Weeks to Change Package: Face-to-Face, Phone or Skype

This package includes your initial 1.5 hour consultation, as well as, five 1-hour consults. See the full description below.

This package is for you if you are ready to commitment to change. The end of this program will be the beginning of your new lifestyle. You’ll know what and how to eat to control how you feel, sleep and look. We’ll meet 6 times over 12 weeks to set, review and update goals, talk food which will include lots of delicious recipe ideas. We’ll also discuss important nutritional information so you understand WHY your commitment to change is a lifestyle not a diet. We’ll stay connected the whole 12-weeks! In between our face-to-face or tele-conferences we will communicate through email and text. I am here for you. You will NOT be making changes alone.

12 Weeks with 6 weeks of done-for-you Menu Plans: $975
Each day broken down into 3 meals & 2 snacks, with recipes and grocery lists.

12 Weeks without Menu Plans: $675

If you’re struggling with health issues such as resistant weight-loss (including how to lose belly fat), high blood pressure, blood sugar imbalance, cholesterol imbalance, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes or even type 2 diabetes, now is the time to take action. Don’t be fooled, typically these conditions are diet and lifestyle related and with a commitment to change you can often regain your health. Don’t wait, the longer health issues persist the more complicated they become and the harder they are to heal.

Get healthy, lose the extra weight and enjoy the process of creating a new healthy lifestyle!

Please contact me to set up a day and time to talk.
Talk/Text: 781.588.0226 or amy@thesimplicityofwellness.com


Lose weight, reverse metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, and high blood pressure | The Simplicity of WellnessMetabolic Harmony Group Program: Face-to-Face

Learn with your friends! This fun 12-week group program is designed to teach a group of like-minded, inquisitive, motivated individuals how to balance the hormones that control metabolism, food cravings, and body fat. $150

Includes a private facebook group, weekly powerpoint presentations, success journals, handouts: healthy fats, acceptable foods, sweeteners, weekly key concepts and more, tasty treats with recipes, group pot-luck

Who this program is for: Anyone interested in learning how to take control of their sleep, cravings, weight, energy, mood and appetite. It’s not calories you have to focus on it’s hormones!

You can learn more and read some raves from previous group participants here.

Grab some friends and give me a call. We’ll set the dates and times to suit your schedule or just jump on board with the next pre-schedule group. (minimum group size of 5)

Please contact me to set up your private group or to join a pre-scheduled group.
Talk/Text: 781.588.0226 or amy@thesimplicityofwellness.com


Amy’s evidenced based teachings, real-life support and stair-step approach to nutrition and life-style changes made attaining individual goals a snap!  Her method of starting off with slow simple eliminations and/or additions; weekly education topics and addressing a client’s individual challenges instills the base needed for those changes to become new habits. The recipes she shares are absolutely delicious and so easy to prepare for the whole family! It is obvious that Amy loves nutrition as much as she loves sharing that knowledge.

 I have seen such huge improvements in my health, eating and sleeping habits since working with Amy.  I am very thankful for her guidance to a better quality of life!